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All businesses in Salt Lake City need signage for potential customers to know they exist. LED signs are a great investment for any business owner that wants to get attention. Instead of having a static sign out front that simply delivers one message, an LED sign can give potential customers a wide variety of information each time they pass by.

What is an LED?

LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are an electronic source of light. LEDs don’t work like a traditional light bulb, which use heat to cause their filaments to glow, ultimately burning out. Instead, LEDs operate like a transistor or other similar electronic device. They produce more light per watt of energy than a traditional bulb and are much smaller.

When it comes to signage, LEDs are used to deliver a message to the customer in a simple way as well as for creating vibrant, colorful displays that get their attention.

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How can an LED sign help my customers?

While LED signs are often used to promote special offers and events, they can also provide potential customers with added value. This can be any useful information, such as the time and temperature. Added value items will turn your business into a landmark for potential customers.

Giving a potential customer information they can use, whether or not they are purchasing something from you, will keep your business fresh in their mind. This makes them more likely to come back when they do need your product or recommend you to their friends and family.

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