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Custom Jewelry Store SignCustomers look for unique signs when they shop. Custom signs can lead them to restaurants, auto repair shops, clothing stores and more. A plain sign with a company name does not stand out; customers will pass by because they do not know what kind of business is being advertised.

Our Salt Lake City designers will sit down with the business owner and discuss various ideas for the sign. How the sign is mounted, for example on the side of a building, hanging from an extended rod or on a pole makes a difference in the size, shape and colors used.

Salt Lake City Custom Signs

The business owner should decide whether a lighted sign, one with neon lights or a sign with light fixtures illuminating the sign should be used. The sign should reflect the business, the style and décor of the building. It should stand out so that it is recognizable, not blend into the scenery where it will be ignored.

The size of the custom sign can make a significant difference. A diner beside a highway filled with overpasses may have a sign that is mounted on a 30-foot tall pole and be very large. A diner in a downtown area would require a much smaller sign mounted over the front door. Custom Movie Theatre Sign

The materials used in the sign such as plastic, metal, neon lighting and more will also determine the cost. Paints that stand up well to the elements should be used; these tend to cost more than regular paint. With the right sign, customers that like the business will return again and again; they will look for the sign.

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    Discover the finest quality electric signs and servicing in Utah with Universal Signs. From major corporations to small businesses all over the Salt Lake valley we can handle any sign job. Our professional and experienced service people will help you design the best sign for your business. We accept all jobs, large or small.

    Universal Signs specializes in electrical signs, indoor signs, monument, outdoor and more. We are your best choice for quality and affordable signs in Utah.

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